Sunday, October 9, 2011

My other half.

My girlfriend works at a 5 star hotel and among her other duties, she volunteered to do arts n' crafts classes with the bastard offspring of people with more money than sense. Pic related, yo.

She's set up a Roller Derby team in Kilkenny - the first! Don't know what Roller Derby is? Basically it's an all woman contact sport from the 50's. Two teams on roller skates battle it out around a rink trying to score points. Back then it was conducted as entertainment sport, a bit like the opera of pro wrestling. Games were fixed, back stories made up, etc. Nowadays, thanks to the 3rd wave of Feminism, they're really in it to win; teams of women kicking the almighty crap out of each other, dressed usually in alternative clothing with evil sounding names, cuts and bruises. Yeah...

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